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How do I renew my license when I am expiring? 

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What do I need to take to renew my license? 
Every three (3) years the Colorado Real Estate Commission requires that Colorado realtors complete the following continuing education in order to renew their licenses:

  • 4-Hour Real Estate Commission update (required every year) 

  • 12 hours of additional continuing education of your option (courses must be approved by the Colorado Real Estate Commission - when in doubt, contact the TAR office). 

  • Total: 24 hours 

Are there any other requirements? 

Yes. Not in addition but within the requirements above, the Telluride Association of REALTORS® (TAR) requires that all new members complete a minimum 6-hour course of instruction on the Code of Ethics within the first year of membership. After the first year, all continuing members must complete a Professional Standards course alternately with a minimum 4-hour course of instruction on the Code of Ethics every (4) four years


  • 1st year of membership = 6-hour Ethics Course* 
  • Within next two years = Professional Standards Course 
  • Within next two years = minimum 4-hour Ethics Course 

Does TAR provide any of the courses described above that will fulfill that requirement?

Yes. TAR provides the 4-Hour Ethics Review and Professional Standards courses for continuing members and the 4-Hour Commission update for those members renewing their license with the Real Estate Commission. TAR provides each of these courses at least once a year. *Due to the sunset of the GRI program, the 6 Hour requried Ethics course - called Ethics and Professional Practice is now only available online via vaned.com (however, you still have 1 full year to complete this course from the intial date of your TAR enrollment).

What if I can only attend half the day of a class? Will I still get credit? 

Unfortunately, in order to receive credit for a course, you must be in attendance within 15 minutes of the start time. If you are late, you may still attend with the understanding that you will not receive credit for that course. 

How can I find out when and where courses are offered and how to register? 

Check out the education page on the TAR website frequently for courses offered here and in the area, or call the TAR office at 728-5172. 

Can I take any continuing education courses on-line? 

Yes. Logon to www.vaned.com and take almost all coursework on-line. 
For additional frequently asked questions, logon to www.dora.state.co.us/real-estate/license/brokereducation.htm.